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Pretty Despite Itself


by Tarleton Gillespie

ArtistTrack Name
1The Most Serene RepublicHumble Peasantsall musicinsound!
2BattlesLeyendeckerall musicinsound!
3Underwater Get DownSlingshotall musicinsound!
4Mixel PixelPenny Rocket / Romanticall musicinsound!
5TalkdemonicDusty Flourescent Wooden Shelvesall musicinsound!
6Simple KidSeratoninall musicinsound!
7MenomenaWet and Rustingmore infoinsound!
8BeirutNantesall musicinsound!
9JohnossiMan Must Danceall musicinsound!
10Professor MurderFree Stress Testall musicinsound!
11DaybreHyped Up Plus Taxall musicinsound!
12CouchEinhangen und Positiverall musicinsound!
13CaribouIreneall musicinsound!
14Yeasayer2080all musicinsound!
15Bodies of WaterI guess We'll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guessall musicinsound!

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